Making Your Guinea Pig Feel Safe And At Home


Guinea pigs are curious animals and they like to see what is happening around them. This is because they have a sensitive hearing and they will easily be disturbed by anything unusual. Since they live for four to eight years, you should be concern on Guinea pig care.

Guinea pigs need company just like humans, and if you are thinking of buying one to keep it; you should prepare better ways to keep it safe and know proper ways to handle it. The first time you bring a guinea pig to your home, it will look stressed. It is your duty to ensure that you know Guinea pig care and make it familiar with the environment faster.

If you can bring littermates along, it will help your guinea pig settle down. You can do the following as Guinea pig care, and to make your guinea pig find the new environment enticing: and adapt to strange smell quickly. Before you bring your guinea pig home, you should create the right accessories and food. This means that you will have to look for food and substance that the guinea pig is used to.

You can start including new foods slowly as your pet settle and starts to look jovial with time. Paper set bedding is best for your guinea pig care than cedar. It is more comfortable and warm for guinea pigs. The cage should be covered with a cloth for the first days. This is to allow the guinea pig to explore the new place with privacy.

It will also enable few distraction and you should not be first to handle your guinea or have your friends carry it around. It is good that you give it two to three days. This will give the pet enough time to get familiar with the place. Afterwards you can start petting it around and carrying it with you.

Once you notice that your guinea pig is settled and looks around happy; you can start preparing to take your relationship with the pet to the next level. Since they are naturally social animals, you can introduce another guinea pig. You can also opt to introduce another guinea pig the first time that you bring it to your home or wait until it gets familiar.

It is important that you keep them as far as possible from cats and dogs. The place should be around 65-75 degress to minimize respiratory diseases and it ought to have enough space for it to move around. Guinea pigs tend to eat anything, so make sure that the lining and all material in the cage is not toxic.

When you are handling them, you should do it in a good manner not to stress them. You should always place your hand under the chest, and then cup your hand to the hind quarter to be able to lift them well. You can pull them close to your chest to make them feel safe and warm.

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Guinea pigs love green vegetables such as cabbages, kales and so many other greens. You can also have fruits like melons, and apples. You can also brush them to keep it clean and neat at all times. Guinea pig care techniques are very important in making your pet feel safe.